What Hollywood Celebrities Can Teach Us About Stress

Life sucking stress is running rampant worldwide. It is estimated over 40 million adults in the United States alone suffer from stress and anxiety related symptoms.

Considering how wide spread this condition is, it is amazing the high number of common misconceptions there are about treating it.

Many people believe their stress would vanish if one or more of the following would occur:

If they could just make enough money to have a large financial cushion.
When they finally get the promotion they’ve been working so hard for.
If they could find a career in a field they truly enjoy.
As soon as they can afford a good counselor.
When they eventually develop a good circle of friends.
Once they have achieved the lifestyle of their dreams.

So, What Does This Anxiety Article Have to Do With Movie Stars?

In an ever increasing fashion we are seeing in the news how personalities like Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Greg Norman, Steve Sax and countless other movie actors, professional athletes and rock stars suffer from the same anxiety and stress as the rest of us.

Think about the significance of this information.

If you quickly revisit the list above of the most common “perceived” causes of anxiety and panic then you may be starting to see the significance of my point.

These well known celebrities do not need more money or a larger financial cushion.

People of fame are for the most part already in the career of their dreams and would say they thoroughly enjoy what they do for a living.

Since money is typically not an issue they would have access to the “best of the best” in medical, psychological, counseling and mental health care.

As well these people are greatly embraced by the public and having friends would be one of the least of their ongoing challenges.

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